Our Endorsements

Our Endorsements

I support Denis Bilodeau for Cornelius Town Commissioner. Denis has served our community not only as a business owner, but also as a volunteer for many local worthwhile organizations such as the North Mecklenburg Rotary Club. Cornelius has benefited from his service as a PARC Commissioner and, I believe, it has also prepared him for continued public service at the next level as a Town Commissioner.

Rep. John R. Bradford, III NC House District 98

"I support Denis Bilodeau as Commissioner for the Cornelius Town Board because I feel and know that he is interested in making Cornelius a great place to live and work. I have worked with Denis and I know that he is fair and honest. His work with Parks and Recreation and the Cornelius Cultural Arts Group, all point to his community-wide service in Cornelius. He is not a one issue candidate. When political things are happening, Denis is there with his sleeves rolled up. I know that we can count on Denis to work for us and not for himself."

Ronald Potts

"Denis' long-standing commitment to the citizens of Cornelius and proven Town leadership are unmatched by any novice candidate running for Commissioner. Denis is the best qualified candidate when considering his service and accomplishments on both the east and west side of Cornelius!"

Scott Higgins, Chairman of the Cornelius PARC (Parks, Arts, Recreation & Culture) Committee

“We need someone in office who is going to stand up for the people and organizations that have been here well before it was the popular new thing. There is no one else I would see as a better fit for the job than Denis.”

Lisa Mayhew-Jones, Smithville ComUNITY Coalition

There's no one else I trust more than Denis to lead Cornelius into the future and make sound decisions that will protect our rich history and preserve the culture, people and organizations who have made this town a wonderful place to live.

Case Warnemunde, Founder of Bella Love, Inc.

Denis is an obvious choice for the Board given his broad experience in business, a stellar record of service to Cornelius and his ability to get things done.”

Jim Duke, Cornelius Town Commissioner

In a crowded field of candidates, Denis Bilodeau clearly stands out. His record of civic leadership and his tireless commitment to the betterment of our town are simply unrivaled. Cornelius needs Denis Bilodeau on our Board of Commissioners!

Michael Archer, Cornelius

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